August 7th 2005

The Story of "Tiger" Tiger was bought in Los Angeles (actually in Brea). She was purchased over the phone, and I took a flight down to LA to pick her up. A good friend drove me from LAX Airport to Brea, where I picked up the bike. Now to ride home....only 380 miles.

Problem was, it was mid July. Having seen the weather forecast, I knew I was going to roast. I had bought some summer riding gear (aerated jacket and pants, perforated gloves and a drip vest) but even so, the quickest route back was going to be the best. That meant Interstate-5 over the Grapevine and up the Central Valley. The table below shows times and you see, HOT wasn't the word!

To this day remains the hottest ride I have ever had. But it was fun - the regular stops were a real help. And had I gone my originally planned route, would have hit temperatures above 115F going through the hills, so definitely made the right choice.