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Web Changes

You will notice that some pages on this site include a  [Under Construction]  symbol. This symbol notifies that the page is still being developed. To find out about recent changes, or even some that are in progress, you can check this Web Changes section.

This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

Date Section Description
December 2008 Home Page & Christmas 2008 Christmas 2008 article and link to web and flash galleries.
December 2007 Home Page & Christmas 2007 Updated the statistics and the photographs, as wel as the newspaper articles.
November 2007 Home Page & Christmas 2007 Adding the page and links for Christmas 2007.
June 2007 Home Page

News & Views Pages

Finally added the mechanical toys story - pending for about a year!
January 2007 Home Page

News & Views Pages


What's New

Updated Index page with stories and Christmas 2006. 

News & Views of Christmas 2006 includes photo's & statistics.

Restructure of the index and album system.

Inclusion of a link back from the album pages.

Update of the Whats New? page.

December 2006 SimonPhoto.Net Lots of updates ...

Photo's of Yosemite Camping 2006.

Photo's of Thanksgiving Trip to the Sierra.

Photo's of the 2006 House Decorations.

May 3rd 2005 SimonPhoto.Net A bit more work on the albums, but also the start of work on the Out & About pages. Also started work on the feedback form and some reorganization of the web and all the files. The entire site was republished to ensure continuity.
April 22nd 2005 SimonPhoto.Net Started to build the photo albums, and added the Michael & Jessica album first. Then uploaded the 9 albums related to Ken & Lissettes wedding in Los Angeles.
April 1st 2005 SimonPhoto.Net After a complete PC rebuild (including building a new PC from scratch!) I have finally managed to download the Christmas 2004 pages that were supposed to be on the site last November. Oh well, at least it was done before Christmas 2005!
March 20th 2003 SimonPhoto.Net Added NEWS&VIEWS pages. First story is covering anti-war demonstrations in San Francisco
August 8th 2002 SimonPhoto.Net Initial Publication to the website. All pages are under construction. Format loaded - photographs still being prepared


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