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(Page Updated in November 2007)

So what are the mechanical toys? Well, see below....photo taken in June 2007....

They are (left to right)

Tiger - Triumph Tiger. Great to ride, best for long distance riding (but see "Story of Tiger" below).

Speedmaster - Triumph Speedmaster. The lip curling cruiser. Too noisy says my wife. See UPDATE below.

Bonnie - Triumph Bonneville. My first motorbike (but in 2003!). Great fun to ride and attracts a lot of attention. 

Sprint - Triumph Sprint RS. Fast, light, great fun. Probably the most fun to ride.

UPDATE: November 2007. Speedmaster has left the stable, and returned to her original owner! I bought her when he moved overseas, but now returning (either to England or the US) he has bought her back. I know she has returned to a loving home......

The Story of "Tiger"

Tiger was bought in Los Angeles (actually in Brea). She was purchased over the phone, and I took a flight down to LA to pick her up. A good friend drove me from LAX Airport to Brea, where I picked up the bike. Now to ride home....only 380 miles.

Problem was, it was mid July. Having seen the weather forecast, I knew I was going to roast. I had bought some summer riding gear (aerated jacket and pants, perforated gloves and a drip vest) but even so, the quickest route back was going to be the best. That meant Interstate-5 over the Grapevine and up the Central Valley. 

The table below shows times and temperatures....as you see, HOT wasn't the word!

Approximate Mileage Location Time Temperature (F/C)
0 Miles Brea 10:00am 73F/23C
68 Miles Santa Clarita 11:00am (fuel stop) 86F/30C
100 Miles Gorman (top of Grapevine) 12:00pm  93F/34C
118 Miles Bottom of Grapevine 12:20pm(fuel/cooling stop) 98F/37C
176 Miles Lost Hills 2:00pm  109F/43C
208 Miles Kettleman City 3:00pm (fuel/cooling stop) 108F/42C
220 Miles Coalinga 3:45pm 108F/42C
334 Miles Patterson 5:00pm (fuel/cooling stop) 109F/43C
373 Miles Livermore 6:00pm 96F/36C
384 Miles Dublin (@ Home) 6:30pm 88F/31C

SimonPhoto.Net - June 19th 2007




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