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(Page Updated in December 2006)

Thanksgiving 2006 - took the opportunity to do a day trip up and over Ebbets Pass (Highway 4), through Markleeville, and then back over Highway 88. Early snow had closed Tioga Pass and Sonora Pass for the season, but Ebbets remained open. Having only been over that route one time before, I was looking forward to heading that way so late in the year.

As you can see, the weather was cold but clear. Temperature at the top of the pass was around freezing, and although the roads were clear a recent snow shower had dropped a couple of inches of snow.


Continuing on from Highway 4, I looped through Markleeville (very disappointing - will return when it is covered in snow to see if it looks better) before heading back to the Bay Area over Highway 88. Was surprised to see the "Snow Chains Required" signs just as I passed Kirkwood Ski Area - but as you see the road did become snow covered. CHP was not in evidence checking chains though, and I saw many 2 wheel drive cars charging through. 

Just prior to Kirkwood, I did spot a Bald Eagle circling over a lake. Unfortunately it never came closer than a couple of hundred yards, so I was unable to get a good photo.

Continued on down to the valley heading home. Traffic on I580 in the Bay Area was heavy, so decided to cut through Altamont Pass. My timing was good - I spotted a couple of burrowing owls (too far away for good photo's) and then the Red Tailed Hawk (below left) on the ground. Shortly afterward, a Golden Eagle circled above the hill allowing me to take another reasonable photo (below right). Not a bad day at all for wildlife.....

For more photo's of Ebbets pass, I came across this University site .. http://www.uwsp.edu/geo/projects/geoweb/participants/dutch/VTrips/EbbetsPass.HTM

SimonPhoto.Net - December 12th 2006




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