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(Page Updated on December 21st 2004)

The photos and story below show the 2004 Christmas Decorations at our house. Some information, which we are always asked...


1. How many lights are there?

Approximately 15,000. The Ferris Wheel (which you can hardly see in some of the photo's, but it is behind the inflatable snowmen) has nearly 1000. The icicles and fences contribute about 7000. Add the reindeer (and yes, there are 8 + Rudolf) and the Bear World and the number soon mounts.

This photo shows "Bear World" - new this year and a creation of Yanira's. The children love it!

2. I saw a sign in your yard that says "My House is featured on www.lightsofthevalley.com" - what is that?

Lightsofthevalley.com is a website run by a gentleman in Livermore to help all of us in the East Bay (and some further afield communities) to find and enjoy the lights.

We certainly recommend that you check out Bob's World in Pleasanton, and also Bob's World 2. Deacon Dave's in Livermore is also well worth a visit - but give yourself plenty of time!

3. How long does it take to set up?

About 3 days, IF the children help (by staying out of the way!). This photo shows the view from the front - Deer World (Simon's creation this year) is on the right with 8 reindeer in the field. Rudoph (out of the photo) is flying from a tree on the right!

4. What about the electricity bill?

Well, the electricity meter does a pretty good helicopter impression when this lot is turned on. But we enjoy it, and so do our friends and neighbours. I presume that PG&E enjoy it too when they send the bill. Oh, and by the way, there is the flying Rudolph. You will have to trust me that his nose is red! 


5. How do we find it?

Go to Yahoo! maps and enter 11263 Rolling Hills Drive, Dublin. 94568. The map is fairly accurate, although our house is just North of Brittany (Yahoo! shows it just to the the South). Either way, get somewhere close and you will see the lights.

6. When are the lights on?

Most nights from dusk to 9pm. Weekends we try and leave them on a little longer. The lights will not be on in rain or really strong winds - sorry about that, but there is a slight safety concern even though I try to be really careful about the power!

Lights will be on over Christmas and the New Year. After January 1st, weather dependent, we will be taking them down and figuring out how to store them all again (yes, they all fit in the garage somewhere!). So, if you want to see them, drop by before or on January 1st.

7. What about next year?

Yes, they will be back sometime after Thanksgiving. Generally expect the lights to be in place from the first Sunday in December onwards. If you come by before that, then you may catch us in the process of building, wiring, checking, unwiring, climbing all over the house etc. etc. etc. Feel free to offer a hand!



SimonPhoto.Net - December 21st 2004




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